《Salmon Fishing In The Yemen》

If Salmon fishing in the Yemen is possible, what else we can't possibly achieve in life......with the constant persistent, of course. When money can solve the problems, the problem will not exist anymore. This is the story about a Yemen sheik that felt in love with salmon fishing and would like to benefits his nation in the next generation by bringing the entire experience back to Yemen. Yes! That is right, to have a fresh water salmon lake in Yemen with the help of some expertise from some consulting firm in England. Will this work out fine and according to plans or developing a different kind of love-hate relationship in between human at the end to make the improbable possible? Here's for you to find out. If you are the fan of < The Cider House Rules> and <Chocolate>, this Lasse Hallström's latest work will continue to give you the light romance and hinted love in between human.

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