SANDRO Homme & Femme AW2021 Collection

Sandro’s menswear design studio creates the right  clothes for real wardrobes, pieces that are minimalist but  beautiful, no showing off or screaming for attention. It always come downs to balance. The right coat, the right shirt, the right trousers, the right  sweater. It’s simple. It’s more than just fashion.

This is definitely a retro look. Straight from the 60s, a car coat in Italian leather or an ecru hand knitted tank top are a reminder of the brand’s fondness for vintage. The wool and cashmere knits are soft. The aviator jackets and mixed wool overshirts are far from skimpy with their generous, loose fits.

Slightly dropped shoulders give comfort and ease. This retro style comes from a desire to step back into our childhood wardrobes, what we wore and what we saw our elders wear. There is also something dressy about the look. For a moment there we thought formal clothes might have become obsolete, but this season the studio was happy to bring some tailoring back.

Suits in Japanese and Italian fabrics are available in a variety of styles, with two buttons, single breasted or double breasted, no more. Houndstooth and micro checks spread across zipped jackets and coats with raglan sleeves.

This is not conceptual design. Instead, Sandro wants to reinvent classic pieces from the male wardrobe, always finding new variations, in the size of a pocket, a rounder shoulder or a smaller collar. A taste for authenticity and attention to details that are always useful and always justified.

For the Sandro woman, things must be well made. Aware of the world around her, she lives firmly in reality. Above all, she wants long lasting, timeless pieces that will adapt to her nomadic spirit. However, that’s not all.  She wants a wardrobe that combines the Parisian  bourgeois codes of her childhood with dashes of 1970s travel.

Elegance is subversive. She loves traditional British tailoring, tweeds, wool, corduroy,  cable knits and argyle patterns. She favours beautiful materials, smart finishes and perfect cuts,  all done with flair. She exudes androgenous charm in her collection of cashmere and enjoys more  than anything playing with the large and sensible lace or pleated collars on her white tops.

The timeless cut of her long dresses will never go out of fashion. She wears beautiful basic shirts, with  stripes or patterns, and scarves that could have been passed down to her from her grandmother. However, propriety stops at the hem, where on her feet the Sandro woman prefers a pair of solid boots to posh leather loafers.

Armed with these essentials, this urban woman will play with accessories and contrasts to make  her look her own. She will wear tailored pieces with something handmade or brought back from  her travels. The Sandro woman sees herself as Jimi Hendrix or Mick Jagger, travelling the world  and shunning convention. She plays with floral prints and crochet details straight out of the  seventies. She slips in some peace and love  and other symbols of her free spirit with her pastel  jacquard knits. She wears a patchwork of brooches, picked up here and there, on her jacket, like  amulets that never leave her side. This urban woman always likes to play with masculine codes, trying a boxy coat or distressed jeans. More than ever before, she shakes up her bourgeois 
wardrobe with souvenirs of her travels.

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