ANTEPRIMA @ 20th Anniversary FW2013 Collection Preview

ANTEPRIMA celebrated its 20th anniversary and held a FW2013 collection preview in Hong Kong recently. To mark this special occasion of the 20th Anniversary of ANTEPRIMA, a video art installation with twenty videos is presented as a highlight of the night, as well as a tribute to women. There are 20 women from all walks of life participated in the project, including Lynn Xiong, Janet Ma, Anina Ho, Winnie Young and more. The 20 videos reveal all the possibilities of women, their charm, tender, determination, mysterious, and experiences, simply echoes with the wide selection of the season.
ANTEPRIMA FW2013 collection inspired by the Mother Nature, which plays around with talco, navy, khaki, and olive, that certainly relaxed the atmosphere and slowed down the pace of life of all the guests. ANTEPRIMA models also demonstrated women’s rhythm and grace with their every move and walk in the stunning outfits from the latest collection.
ANTEPRIAM has paid special attention to the settings for this important occasion. Kary Kwok, Art Director of ANTEPRIMA 20th Anniversary Video Art Installation Project, considers ANTEPRIMA as a brand that highly emphasizes on its style and character, over its trendiness. Kary truly believes women of any occupations, generations and styles could truly be themselves and distinctly one of a kind through their unique chemical reaction with ANTEPRIMA. The twenty videos are a tribute to twenty outstanding women, twenty life journeys, twenty stories and twenty characters, they work and play; laugh and cry; love and live. ANTEPRIMA strongly believes trends are ever changing, but not one’s character.
To witness the evolution of ANTEPRIMA over the 20 years, A “Moments” area has been set up for the day. One can walk through from its debut logo, its first Wirebag ever, its first flagship store, campaign images, fashion shows, signature lines and crossover collections, and truly experience ANTEPRIMA for what the brand stands for.
 The collection features the mild and stunning colors from the nature, such as greens of a forest, golds on a beach, reds of a sunset glow, together with the timeless black that bring women fashion to life. The designer’s ingenuity is shown by using strong contrast and uncommon mix and match of texture: gentle wools or satin, accessorized with shining beads or swishing fringes. The mid and maxi, or A’s and T’s, highlights female’s slender figure with its precise lines.

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