SWATCH Warms Up For the Holiday Season

 Picture this: one cold winter morning you wake up, throw back the curtains, and ... snow! Big fluffy snowflakes have covered everything in sight with a lovely, soft white blanket. It's unbelievably beautiful. And look! Over there, under the trees, reindeer! And there, a row of round snowmen in woolly hats. Now all that's missing is ... a way to share your excitement. Not to worry. Inspired by the woollies that winter demands and that are so very fashionable these days, Swatch has created an enchanting and beautiful holiday companion. RED KNIT (SUOZ172S) is a romantic New Gent, decorated with wintery signs and symbols. Remember the hand-knit sweaters and scarves, socks and mittens that kept you warm as a child? The bracelet's vibrant red and white fabric brings all the excitement back to mind with lacy white snowmen, snowflakes, a snowy white rocking horse and snow-covered pines all inspired by typical, trendy Nordic patterns. At the center of the dial is a golden reindeer, dotted with flakes of falling snow. Its ragged-edge, hand-knit silhouette evokes the warmth and pleasures of holiday evenings by a crackling fire, the fragrance of pine trees, woodsmoke and romance in the air.
RED KNIT comes in a snowy white box with a red and white bow. And for those extra-cold nights, there's a little something extra hidden in the box: wrapped in a woven red cozy decorated with reindeer, snowflakes and lacy white hearts, is  ...  a hot water bottle! A playful little provocation from Swatch, RED KNIT is a warm and heart-warming present for the one you choose to share your love. RED KNIT is available in a limited and numbered edition of 636 in Hong Kong and MacauFor this Christmas, SWATCH has launched the matching watches of LATE NIGHT GLAM series - ROSETTA NERA and ROSETTA BIANCA to celebrate the festive romance. The former illuminates by its shiny gold and the black colour has added a sense of mystery; the latter, with its shiny gold and white, infuses lady users with elegance and charisma.

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