Kiehl’s Launches Special Edition “Pear Tree Corner” Collection In the Memory of Kiehl’s Day & the ‘Pear Tree Corner’

Kiehl’s launches special edition “Pear Tree Corner” collection in the memory of Kiehl’s Day & the ‘Pear Tree Corner’. In 2003, New York City Mayor proclaimed November 12 “Kiehl’s Day” to acknowledge the contributions marked by Kiehl’s. In 1647, the governor of the Dutch colony of New Amsterdam (later claimed by the British and renamed New York) planted a pear tree on the location that forms the intersection of 13th Street and 3rd Avenue today.  For 220 years, the tree adorned the corner, and even shaded our patrons many years after the original “Kiehl Pharmacy” first served our patrons.  This Pear Tree declared by Harper’s Monthly as “the oldest living thing in New York City” in 1862, bore fruit nearly until its demise, when it was struck in a wagon accident just five years later. On November 12, 2003, Kiehl’s replanted a pear tree at the same location in honor of the community, officially marking the location once more as ‘Pear Tree Corner’.  New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg proclaimed November 12 “Kiehl’s Day” to acknowledge Kiehl’s contributions to the community.

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