BOUCHERON Presents Hôtel de la Lumière Haute joaillerie

BOUCHERON presents and exhibits the Hôtel de la Lumière collection in Hong Kong to celebrate the 120th anniversary of its boutique at 26 Place Vendôme and graced by graced by the presence of Creative Director Claire Choisne, who introduced the inspirations and concept behind the fine jewellery collection.
 A French fine jewellery House founded by visionary Frederic Boucheron 155 years before now, BOUCHERON builds its legacy with savoir-faire and extraordinary craftsmanship. Every piece of BOUCHERON jewellery is an emblem of the heritage of innovation and uncompromising selection of rare gemstones, a commitment that makes the jewellery house a reputable jeweler. With exceptional dedication to details, craftsmanship and impeccable artistry, BOUCHERON’s jewellery making process not only gives every gemstone flawless grace; it also breathes the soul of the artisan, individuality and life into jewellery. Like a classic painting, every piece of BOUCHERON jewellery spells sublime brilliance.
BOUCHERON’s Hôtel de la Lumière collection on display unites jewellery lovers and connoisseurs who came for a glance of its dazzling charm. ‘Light’ becomes the inspiration of the eight poetic chapters, namely Soleil Radiant, Paon de Lune, Cascade de Diamants, Perles d'Eclat, Halo Delilah, Goutte de Lumière, Les Messagers Célestes and Fleur de Jour; containing resplendent masterpieces that resemble the gifts of nature.
 Impeccable creativity blooms in the glow of every gemstone epitomizing French elegance and magnificence. Amongst all the centrepieces is ‘Soleil Radiant’, a scintillating creation that resembles the radiance of the sun. Contemporary zeitgeists inspire delicate designs in premium diamonds and a dazzling array of rare gemstones denoting hedonic elegance. Hand-polished to perfection, other pieces bearing magnificent ornaments retain the refined personality of the materials, as if narrating a romantic fairy-tale.
In keeping with the brand’s heritage of passion, the elegant pieces of Hôtel de la Lumière are designed with versatility of form, effortlessly transforming from necklace to brooch. Like an art piece with multiple facets, the fringe of the diamond pendant earrings can be disassembled to match daywear and eveningwear. Such irresistible aura is what perfection is made of.
 Besides Hôtel de la Lumière, BOUCHERON also presents the showcase of its legendary Quatre collection launched in 2004, an authentic, timeless reflection of its passion for creativity and Parisian chic. A mesmerising depiction of sunlight in Paris, the classic piece in white, yellow and rose gold and BOUCHERON chocolate gold highlights four iconic engraved patterns prominent results of unique polishing, carving, cutting and inlaying techniques - bring about four diverse aesthetics fundamental to the artistry of BOUCHERON.

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