EviDens 2013 Christmas Pick

EviDens 2013 Christmas Pick introduces the worldwide first exclusive regenerating complex: QAl Complex. The full range are imported from France with breakthrough innovative formula QAl Complex and precious ingredients. These ingredients include Co-Enzyme Q10, Amino Acids, Morus Alba and Hokkaido Salmon, to be proved for collagen stimulation, an exclusive breakthrough for “Triple Collagen”. It provides exceptional effectiveness with three different sizes of collagen for human being three skin layers. Firstly, to penetrate the micro skin layer deeply to encourage cellular regeneration, secondly, to capture and seal water to provide skin with optimal nourishment in medium skin layer and finally to hydrate the outer skin by creating a defense. This QAl Complex provides skin regeneration, restructuring, moisturizing and brightening, day after day the skin will be gradually improved to more elasticity, firm, soft, radiant and whitening.

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