PRADA Store Extended @ The Macau Wynn Mall

PRADA renews and doubles the surface of its current Macau store at the upscale “Wynn” mall. The new location, designed by architect Roberto Baciocchi, occupies a total surface of 540 square metres on a single level and offers the women's and men's ready-to-wear, leather goods, accessories and footwear collections in two adjoining stores. The façade inside the mall is embellished by an elegant black marble cladding framing both entrances leading into the women's and men's stores respectively and the windows.
The whole storefront is arranged following an interesting geometry of full and hollow volumes: the three windows displaying the women's collection and the two showing men's products alternate with light boxes and architectural niches, all framed in light polished steel profiles. Three large rooms, following each other in a sequence, offer the women's collections. The first, showing leather goods, is defined by the typical black and white chequered marble floor a legacy of Prada's historic brand image - and furnished with very thin burnished metal cases and black marble drawers.
A small passageway, defined by black marble walls and display niches covered in the same material, shows accessories. The second room features walls covered in pale green fabric, with niches displaying footwear. The lively colours of display counters - set against the seats' bright green velvet make this environment especially elegant and frisky. The third and last area is dedicated to women's ready-to-wear: green fabric walls, display furniture in perspex panels and transparent skylights characterise this environment, furnished with geometrically shaped tables and green velvet sofas. 
The store offering the men's collections is marked by its black and white chequered marble floor, counters in crystal and burnished metal and green velvet seats. Crystal furniture with a green fabric backdrop and black marble stands emphasises the display of the ready-to-wear, leather goods and footwear collections, enhanced by the light playing on marble, mirrors and the green fabric on the walls.

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