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Pearl Dining House《明珠小館》
A rustic gourmet from Southern & Northern China opened its door recent at The One Shopping Mall in Tsim Sha Tsui Hong Kong marks the first Chinese Dining Establishment from  JC Group. The Head Chef from this new friendly and casual dine out Alex Sit told mylifestylenews how he manages to maintain the traditional Chinese cooking by adding on a little modern twist to his food......

My family are from Chiu Chow, which is part of the Canton province and my style of cooking were pretty much in Cantonese style until I was exposed more to other provinces of China by learning a different way of cooking by using different ingredients provided.

As you know, Chinese food are vast in terms of selection and the way we cook. There are hundreds of style which was separated from various provinces from China that influences their daily lifestyle of living in the past. The tradition that was well kept and passed on to this very day with numerous changes to suit the present cravings.

In Pearl Dining House, our concept is to try to bring back some good old memories with some of the long lost recipe by adding a little bit of a modern twist into our food presentation and taste.

The restaurant focuses on authentic and home-made dishes from Huaiyang, Shanghai, Beijing, Inner Mongolia and Xinjiang, covering dining concepts, flavors and traditions from the Southern and Northern China, as well as other peripheral provinces in China.

Basically, our menu four categories, Huaiyang Delights, Noodles from the South and North, Shanghainese Home-style Cuisine, Nutritious Soup. Most of the food from that province are very much home cooking style where the ladies in the house managed the kitchen and the men were at the field work. 

We try to bring back those signature dishes from the past in those provinces like homemade noodles, local stir-fried, Chinese petit-fours by adding a little surprises in our very way.

The dining room sets a convivial tone with traditional Chinese décor. A wide vault fanned by a pair of rhyming couplets lead diners to the room, inside a wooden ceiling, dangling lanterns and Chinese style windows commonly seen in ancient garden and chamber grace the venue.
Huaiyang Delights (Appetizers)
features refreshing appetizers and hand-crafted delights from the Huaiyang district. The delights are prepared through simmering, deep-frying, and braising, and make use of abundance of local ingredients. Signature dishes include, Deep Fried Enoki Mushroom with Shichimi; Chilled Chicken in Chinese WineShanghai Smoked Fish with SpicesJelly Fish & Shredded Turnip; and Deep-fried Golden Tofu Cubes.

Shanghai Home-style Cuisine (Mains)
 Introduces an array of authentic Shanghainese dishes made with local poultry, seafood and vegetables. The rustic dishes are prepared through stewing, braising, deep-frying, and smoking, each following traditional recipe in Shanghai. Signature dishes include Braised Pork with Bean Curd SheetPoached Sliced Beef in Chili Oil; Sauteed Prawns with Sweet & Sour SauceCrispy Curry Beef Brisket, and Sautéed Shrimps with Mustard Sauce.
Noodle from the South & North
Delivers noodles which are served as main staple in Beijing and provinces of Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia and Lanzhou. Lanzhou Twelve Twists, features twelve different tastes conjured up from the same dough with different combinations of soup and shape of the noodle. 8 types of handcrafted noodles and dumplings are served every day, in soup or stir-fried.

The Soup Variety
 Features Chinese favorite thick soup, double stewed soup and therapeutic soup. The mouth-watering selections are prepared with top-notched ingredients and herbs, e.g., pig belly, top shell, fish, delivering sublime freshness and richness through the soup’s essence. Each soup has its distinct characteristic and carries nutrition value, sample Hot & Sour Thick SoupChinese Spinach & Egg White Thick Soup and Double Boiled Pork Tripe and Pepper Soup, which are all soothing served well before or after the main course.

Chinese Sweet Treat
Signature sweet delights include some delicately made dim sum and sweet soup, savor Deep Fried Sesame BallDouble Boiled Eight Treasure Soup and Wild Glutinous Rice Roll with Mango.

Shop UG221, The ONE, 100 Nathan Road, TST Kowloon
Tel: 2703 9333
Opens Daily (12pm - 10pm)

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