JIL SANDER New Fragrance @ ULTRASENSE for Men

 JIL SANDER New Fragrance ULTRASENSE for Men is assertive, forward-thinking and magnetic, his presence is tangible.He does not need to seek attention to be noticed. Subdued colours, sharp lines and precise cuts,  his guise is elegantly understated, yet it maximizes his innate appeal. Confident by nature, this man has an aura, an intuition that guides him,  a strength that pulses from within. Sensitive and clear-sighted, a man with an Ultrasense. Refined and spirited, JIL SANDER ULTRASENSE condenses everything that makes this man unique. A sophisticated, modern composition whose clear structure echoes the impeccable confidence of a Jil Sander suit, yet hinting at an instinctive force beneath the surface. In the top note, vibrant bergamot and spicy black pepper subtly reveal the overtones of fir balsam and sage, in the aromatic heart of the fragrance. In the dry-down, white musk is his signature, the sensual aura he radiates.
The bottle of JIL SANDER ULTRASENSE has that purity, synonym of the Jil Sander name. Its angular outline is boldly masculine, yet it reveals a wealth of subtle details that accurately translate the designer’s aesthetic: a navy blue lacquered base, contrasting with the clear, almost metallic blue of the fragrance; a bright silver logo signature crowned with a solid lustrous black cap. On the box, the graphic combination of the two hues of navy blue is given further impact by a contrast of textures: matte for the upper half and shiny for the base. The elegant shiny silver signature of JIL SANDER ULTRASENSE is positioned where the latter meet – a luxurious feature reflecting the designer’s legendary sense of perfection. For JIL SANDER ULTRASENSE, leading model Sean O’Pry is photographed by David Sims. The model’s expressive presence and his inborn self-assurance made him the most natural choice to embody the ULTRASENSE MAN.The intensity of his gaze expresses the strength that comes from within – his ULTRASENSE.

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