LOEWE @ 2013 Gift Season Window Displays

LOEWE revisits the high-octane glamour introduced by José Pérez de Rozas, who served as the brands’s creative director for 33 years from 1945. During the 1940s and 1950s, with many people in Spain suffering financial hardship, Pérez de Rozas decorated the windows of Loewe’s flagship stores in Madrid and Barcelona with a lavish and romantic theatricality worthy of the most magical Hollywood musical to entertain passers-by at Christmas.
 This festive season Loewe’s windows all over the world styled in the spirit of Pérez de Roza’s glamorous aesthetic. These displays is presented just as his were in the 1940s, with an arched frame outlined in gold. This arched frame will form a key feature in Loewe’s communication tools this winter. The ruched curtain will be another element in the windows, its meaning unmistakeable: ‘Show time!’
In recent years, one of Loewe’s most popular new product lines has been its leather animals. These were invented almost by accident by one of the craftsmen in the Loewe atelier, when, with a few clever stitches, he transformed a piece of leftover leather into a little bear. Soon after, Loewe made these bears available to customers, along with dogs, bulls, giraffes, polar bears and elephants, all constructed from leather using a similar technique. The panda is the latest addition to this line-up of leather animals, which will have a starring role in Loewe’s communications for the season.
The windows also underline Loewe’s Spanish character and heritage by using two motifs that have featured in its recent collections: polka dots, which will decorate both the frame and the backdrops of the store windows, and ornate baroque elements in the set dressing. Probably the biggest nod to the legacy of Pérez de Rozas in this year’s displays comes in the shape of animals pandas and elephants, to be precise, which will feature in Loewe’s windows interacting with key leather and silk items for the gift season. Pérez de Rozas loved to feature animal sculptures in his masterpieces, usually covered with glittering studs.
The colours of Loewe’s gift season collection : peach, duck-egg blue, and black and white are all taken from the season’s three main leather animals: the bull, the elephant and the panda respectively. The ‘Amazona’ also available in these colours, with a metal padlock shaped like the corresponding animal.
 Also available this season are the ‘Cruz’ bag, designed in collaboration with the famous actresses Penelope and Mónica Cruz; Angora scarves in polka dots; the ‘Sofia’, ‘Inés’, ‘Lorca’, ‘Toledo’ and ‘Amazona’ bags in a wide range of colours; racoon-fur collars from Loewe’s ‘Mantón de Manila’ collection; and Palma wallets and Andalus scarves for men.

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