Harbour City 2013 Annual Christmas Lighting Ceremony

Harbour City’s annual outdoor Christmas lighting display is one of Hong Kong’s must-see attractions, it brings Hong Kong citizens and tourists endless surprises and joy every year. In addition, Harbour City has prepared a series of promotions and activities to celebrate this magical Christmas season as well as a joyful shopping experience with everyone.
This year, Harbour City collaborates with Disney once again with the main attraction of “Mickey’s Magical Balloon” which makes its journey from the magical Disneyland to Harbour City. This year’s Christmas theme revolves around the Glamorous Palace. Surrounded by a 360 degree panoramic view, this beautiful display transports us into a vibrant Christmas atmosphere. More than 30 Christmas trees of various sizes are on display. Each tree is decorated with an abundance of colourful ribbons and Mickey Mouse ornaments. To bring customers into the world of Harbour City’s Glamorous Palace and Grand Christmas party, Ocean Terminal Main Entrance is filled with giant hanging crystal chandeliers to let our guests’ imaginations run wild.
Through the magical power of time and space, a Mickey head-shaped Happy Balloon will bring Disney characters to life to celebrate Christmas with us at Harbour City! There is the seven special Disney friends on display at Ocean Terminal Forecourt over the height of two meters tall. Each Christmas decoration is lit with different Disney stories and movies, symbolizing happiness during every day of the week. Guests will be able to dance and take photographs with the Disney friends.
 “Toy Story’s” Woody and Jessie dance together to celebrate “Friendship”; “Mystic Point’s” monkey assistant opens Sir Henry’s mysterious music box to celebrate “Adventures”; Tinker Bell dances in front of the castle to celebrate “Believing in Magic”; “Monsters University’s” best friends Scully and Mike celebrate “Achievement”; Alice from “Alice in the World” decorates a shiny lit tree to celebrate “Imagination”; cheeky Stitch puts on a special Christmas outfit, celebrating “Mischievous Fun”; and Nemo , Marlin and their colourful friends from “Finding Nemo” celebrate “Being a Family”.

Harbour City Christmas Lighting Show Details: 
Date & Time: NOW till 1 Jan, 2014 from 6:15pm to 10:45pm (every 30 minutes)

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