BIOTHERM @ 2013 Water Lover Christmas Set

Following the success of Biotherm Water Lovers’ 2012 holiday charity which raised more than 250,000 euros toward saving the threatened Antarctic Ross Sea, Biotherm reinforces its commitment to water protection, specifically ocean protection. For holiday 2013, Water Lovers, Biotherm’s water charity platform, again supports the vital water protection of the ocean. 
Together with global ocean alliance Mission Blue and the International Union for Conservation Nature’s (IUCN) Polar Programme and in a partnership with another exceptional Swedish talent, Kari Moden, we are working toward increased protection of the Arctic; a vital ecosystem that is confronting multiple threats.
A portion of proceeds from the limited editions collection will go toward Mission Blue to fund a research expedition to better understand ocean acidification and its impact on Arctic marine life. While the Arctic Ocean is one of the most pristine marine environments on earth, the region is now under threat facing ice melting, over-fishing and climate change. Research is critical for developing plans to minimize impact and protect the marine biodiversity in the Arctic.

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