The Counselor

It was fun, dirty and smart. <The Counselor> raises expectations with its brilliant casts and it hasn't failed us from their phenomenal acting. This suspense double crossing thriller made sin become a choice and made the movie even more thrilling. Cameron Diaz stole the limelight not only each of her appearance was sharp and trendy and yet her poker-straight face and unexpected creepy move will eat your heart out without you even ready for it. The story may have a little twist and turn which created some complication for not being easy understood but the script were immensely well written and every main lead character really stood out. Director Ridley Scott and screen writer Cormac McCarthy had turned this film on a cynical examination of crime that portrays illegal behaviour in a foul way where the characters and the setting deserves. Law breaking, crime, relationship, human brutality, the greed are are highlighted in this film. The scripts are heavy, the scenes are tension. It is wacky and you can't help but to be drawn into the character especially the counselor role played by Michael Fassbender who was steadily cool and well acted. As the story develops, do not expect to have a clean comfort ending and yes there will be blood.

Rating : 3.5/5

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