Cath Kidston Spread The Warmth of Christmas By Giving Secret Gifts From The Heart

 Cath Kidston celebrates Christmas with everyone by introducing the very special “Be a Secret Santa” project inviting everyone to become to Santa Claus and secretly bless your nearest and dearest with thoughtful gifts!
Cath Kidston takes up a novel approach this year by launching a series of Christmas-themed items and gift sets, so now you can send delightful Christmas presents to your loved ones, friends and sweethearts, thus letting them enjoy the festive season with a heartfelt and truly British spirit.
 True to its signature thoughtful and heartwarming style, Cath Kidston presents its legions of fans with a range of heartwarming selection of Christmas gifts, including a Christmas pattern series featuring Santa Claus prints that will add a festive touch to every corner of your home.
In addition, a series of roses and floral-themed handbags, wallets and accessories providing you with gifts of choice for this merry season that will let you, along with your family and friends, to blissfully bask in the joy of Christmas.

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