The Naked Grouse @ Less Is More

The Naked Grouse hosted a uniquely different, bare-boned event at the Fringe Club, where the minimalist, down-to-earth decor lent itself well to the theme as a tribute to their philosophy of “less is more”. The exceptional Scotch whisky is part of the expanding Grouse Family owned by The Edrington Group, and as the world’s first whisky to choose taste over unnecessary packaging, The Naked Grouse is practising what they preach from their trimmed down packaging, to not having a label, to seeing through the whisky bottle. In fact, their famous logo is debossed onto the face of the bottle, thereby drawing attention to the great tasting, ultra-smooth whisky inside, rather than to the traditional exterior label.
To further emphasise the quality of The Naked Grouse, an exclusive tasting session was led by Stephen Mack, whisky tasting professional and CEO of Asia’s leading Wine Education Centre. Mack guided guests on a vertical tasting of The Black Grouse, The Snow Grouse and The Famous Grouse, culminating in the sublime indulgence of The Naked Grouse.
While each member of the Grouse family has its own merits, it was The Naked Grouse that took centre-stage this evening. The Naked Grouse contains two of the world’s most renowned malts : Highland Park and The Macallan, which are slow-matured in first fill sweet sherry casks arguably the most expensive in the world. This process gives the whisky an unrivalled smoothness of flavour, creating a new breed of Scotch that’s sherried, balanced and easy to drink. It is enriched with the best loved flavours of Scotland’s favourite whisky that together create the distinct sweetness, richness, and as some would say, famously smooth whisky.
The Naked Grouse focuses on its renowned silky smooth texture, complex yet refined qualities, and is distilled, bottled and sold in the spirit of ‘less is actually more’, guests reveled in the values of minimalism paired with mastery and quality that was aptly demonstrated throughout the special evening.

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