Chaumet revisits its naturalistic tradition with a new High Jewellery collection rich in contrasts. A new symbol in the Maison’s poetic herbarium and an emblem of beauty, the ranunculus appears in two distinctly singular and sculptural parures: Éclosion de Chaumet and Esquisse de Chaumet. Two complementary expressions of the Maison’s celebrated creativity, representing the coming together of the arts of colour and line.

Perpetuating its deeply-rooted connection with art, the Maison looks to the Fauvist masters for intensity of expression and the juxtaposing of pure tones to arouse emotion. In an ode to radiant femininity, the Éclosion de Chaumet ranunculus is enlivened with bright hues and illuminated with mandarin or tsavorite garnets or pink spinels. Sculpted and colourful, it blossoms on asymmetrical rings, while its petals emphasise the curve of the ear. Among these precious flowers, a butterfly flutters on an openwork brooch, in a bold revisiting of a motif present in the Maison’s historic creations.

From bright green to fiery red, tangy orange to grey, the Chaumet ranunculus are also evoked in a collection of exceptional timepieces. Blooming up to the bezel, they transform the dials into intensely coloured paintings expressing unique virtuosities: hand-painted structural volume, subtle gold work and grand feu enamel produced in collaboration with the celebrated specialist artist Anita Porchet. Bursting with colour, these striking pieces offer an echo of the abundance and vivacity of nature.

A tribute to the most emblematic of Chaumet colours, the ranunculus is interpreted in a panoply of blues, featuring Ceylon sapphires and tanzanite in the Esquisse de Chaumet parure. In a radically different take on the Maison’s creativity, highlighted by this monochromatic harmony, the prized Chaumet art of the line is revealed, and with it, the virtuosity contained in each piece. Rendered like the lines in a sketch, the use of diamond pavé, mother-of-pearl and onyx evokes the outline of a corolla and the curling edges of a petal. On two rings, earrings, a watch and a necklace transformable into a brooch, precious strokes seem to transparently highlight the delicate delineation and the spectacular volume of these creations, giving the illusion of a ranunculus whose blooming suggests the depth of love in the heart. A new and contemporary way to pay tribute to drawing as the founding act of jewellery, and, like an X-ray, reveal the usually hidden structure of creations.

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