FURLA 2021 Chinese New Year ‘SUPER COW’ Capsule Collection

FURLA introduces Chinese New Year Capsule Collection 2021 packed with love and blessings in honour of the coming Year of the Ox. Animated and captivating, Super Cow invites you to start a new and get prepared for a year full of adventures and excitement.

The Chinese New Year Capsule Collection features signature styles of the brand – Metropolis mini crossbody in round shape, mini crossbody in renowned rectangular shape and micro crossbody, completed with a special-edition cardholder and keyring. The joyful spirit of ‘Super Cow’ penetrates this collection in monochrome. The timeless cow print with festive red accents covers Ares calfskin leather to celebrate the brand-new start. The classic gold closure from Metropolis collection transforms into a lovely ox nose as the emblem of refreshed vigour. The sculpturally shaped cow ears and horns add a playful touch to this new year’s look.

To set the mood for the Chinese New Year, FURLA has unveiled a series of conceptual videos with festive challenges as the theme. From Italy, the origins of Furla, Super Cow sets out for an adventurous journey across multiple cities, before Super Cow brings Furla Chinese New Year Capsule Collection 2021, as well as her love and anticipation for the Year of the Ox, to other countries. At the end of this heart-warming, adventurous story, Super Cow takes the mascot of the capsule collection to the sky, sending good fortune and peace to the world.

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