CLUB MONACO @ SS2013 Collection

Club Monaco SS2013 collections while the spring looks to the streets of New York City for inspiration, finding a captivating mix of fresh spring color and urban energy. The result is a wardrobe that’s slightly irreverent, but still rich in Club Monaco heritage. The girl works her signature edge while still staying in touch with her feminine side. Early in the season, Dutch blue and orange accents add an unexpected touch of color to the palette. As the weather warms up, playful pops of pink and melon infuse the collection. 
Print-on-print styling continues to be a significant trend, while contrasting texture combinations, lace with metallic, lace with leather, knits with sheer fabrics finish the look. For a hint of athletic-inspired chic, we re-work our classic sweatshirt to create a sporty head-to-toe ensemble that is reminiscent of early 1990s minimalism. Pointy Peter Pan collars and floral prints soften her style; while sumptuous cashmere knit sweaters in warm colors add a touch of luxury. Colored stone embellishments and iridescent statement jewelry add sparkling detail to a clean, modern wardrobe.
 Guy does not stray too far from his favorite classics. A mix of traditional tailoring and luxurious knits remain at the heart of the collection, helping transition him from winter into spring. This season his mix of pattern and bright colors is bolder than ever. Key pieces, like our Dutch-blue leather belt and cherry-red chinos, infuse vibrant colors into his wardrobe, while bold prints give the look a modern twist. As summer approaches, classic cut trousers and chinos arrive in an array of softer hues. The collection remains true to the aesthetic that the Club Monaco man has grown to love effortless and classic, but with a hint of modernity.
 Summer inspirations looks to the West Coast, specifically Los Angeles, there is a captivating mix of deep color tones and sport-influenced details -fresh, modern, and irreverent but still rich in Club Monaco heritage. Girl embraces her edgier side while remaining true to her femininity. We open the season with athletic-inspired pieces, ranging from side-striped bottoms, to color-blocked windbreakers and soft, structured sweatshirts. We see lively print blocking in camouflage and tropical florals, soft botanical prints, and water patterns. Cerulean and orange accents add energy and fresh pops of white add a head-to-toe glow.
The guy is gearing up for the warmer months by combining lightweight tailored pieces with luxurious knits, sports-inspired outerwear, and a mix of patterns. For looks with an irreverent edge, key pieces like our Club Polo in gulf blue and parakeet yellow leather belts are paired with bold prints such as our wheel print mod jacket.

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