Z Zegna SS2013 @ Utopian Summer Ad Campaign

Z Zegna SS2013 Utopia Summer ad campaign Hhghlighting the fresh masculine style of the newest collection and portrays a color-infused optimism that marks the end of conformity and discipline. The look is original, confident and unconfined. A free-spiritedness that is reflected within the utopian feel of the imagery and expressed by the absolute nonchalance of the Z Zegna man. Inspired by a new state of mind ~ dressing to be comfortable, both the collection and the campaign indulge in a modern interpretation of deconstructed formality. Giving ample space to the concepts of freedom and a lightness of being, the careful use of light combined with bright backgrounds reflects the soft hues and prismatic gradients of the clothes. The result is a transcendental portrait of contemporary style that is welcoming and reassuring; energized but never aggressive. And just as the collection makes use of Solaro cotton and wool which recall Lanificio Zegna collections of the 60s, the campaign leverages a minimalist attitude designed to emphasize a self-assured consciousness. In a decidedly serene approach to modern fashion the photography is essential and compelling. Loose fitting and unlined jackets with high button closures graphically emphasize the face, while unconstructed lines and playful micro patterns deliver a total look that leaves no room for uncertainty. The impact is carefree, young and cosmopolitan – a perfect expression of summer optimism, Z Zegna style.

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