Massimo Dutti @ SS2013 Collection

Massimo Dutti SS2013 women's collection is a casual and very urban collection. Spring is the season when the good weather begins. Dark and dull colours leave us, giving way to light and intense ones. Elements of nature become the collection protagonists, creating a symbiosis between our garments and their surrounding environment. From earth and cocoa tones to stone and shades of grey with blue, red, pink and sea green for a touch of colour.
A classic renewed by materials, where quality garments become important through fabrics or accessories, the garments design and pattern. Linen coexists with silk and technical fabrics, providing quality, comfort and above all femininity to our women at this time of the year. Accessories in first quality vegetable leathers help give that extra special touch.
Such is the new Massimo Dutti woman...the triumph of the real woman with the perfect mix of trends, and that touch of cool that stems from casual. That´s how she is seen by Mario Testino. The SS2013 dailywear promises a new mix: blouses, jeans, leather jackets with an added extra: high-heeled sandals. This is the look that applauds the change towards a comfortable but 100% chic style. Forever fabulous, the secret of the new urban code is to create contrasts and give a twist to the feminine wardrobe essentials.
 Minimalist but without fear of committing any occasional excess and mixing preferably natural fabrics, cotton, linen, suede in the same look, Massimo Dutti consecrates casual and makes it a triumphant style. Cotton trousers, a fine knit sweater with white as the leading thread denotes the winning trio.
The Men collection is the timeless classic details to create the modern cosmopolitan look sophisticated and savvy gentlemen style. Sophistication, quality and traditions are adjectives which describe this season spring-summer collection. Nature returns as an essential source of inspiration. Neutral tones are still in, giving way to a very enriching tandem of colours such as grey with pink or green with mauve together with navy blue, creating an exquisite collection.
Noble materials such as cashmere, cotton or linen, cotton-cashmere fine gauge or new fantasies bring a breath of fresh air to the knit fabric family. Outerwear with renewed colours and materials with a very clean finish, such as the nylon/linen reversible parka. Fresh functional shirts, pique over garments in very summery tones, giving an informal but at the same time casual look.

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