G-STAR RAW @ SS2013 Denim Innovations

G-Star RAW SS2013  collection stays true to its denim core by introducing a broad denim collection with new innovations. The denim collection features this season a slim and minimalistic look, highlighted by a new take on the G-Star Elwood, the introduction of the Contour Skinny and the extended slim fit range for both men and women. 
 For the general denim program G-Star RAW continues to introduce new fits and washings to the range. To complete the fits within the denim program G-Star RAW has expanded the slim fits for men, with more fabrics and styles, and a new take on the iconic G-Star Elwood with a skinny fit and clean look. Continuing the slim range G-Star RAW presents the Arc 3D slim for men. Unique to this slim fit is that it has a very distinctive slim fit due to the 3D design, giving it a rough look compared to other slim fits for men.
The further integration of the slim fit in the denim collection resulted in another distinctive fit: the Low Tapered with its contemporary low look. The Low Tapered fit is a new tapered fit with a slimmer leg, introduced throughout the general denim program in raw-, destroyed- and colour denim.
As founders of ‘luxury denim’ G-Star RAW always included exclusive selvedge in its RAW Essentials collection. As a democratization of this approach to denim, G-Star RAW introduces for SS2013 the Red Listing program in the general men’s denim program. Red Listing denim is woven on vintage shuttle looms. These small looms create irregularities in the fabric, providing your denim with more depth and structure.
The 13,5 oz denim that was used for the Red Listing program is a tribute to real vintage denim. Important feature of this fabric is the colour; it starts off with a hint of green, and gradually fades into traditional blue. At the bases of this lies a one of a kind dying method: three dips in indigo where done on the base yarn, and after post - steaming the last dip was made with an indigo-yellow dip.
Besides the denim program also two other denim collections are designed for men. Firstly the Biker collection, a clean and modern range with tonal stitching and a distinctive front pocket with zipper detailing. The biker range fuses iconic G-Star RAW fits like the Radar, Arc and G-Star Elwood with a clean look.
G-Star RAW is the denim specialist for women, with the biggest offering of denim styles at the moment. A team of female designers created a range of denim fits and styles tailored to a woman’s body. A skinny is not just a skinny, every style is engineered to the millimeter to give you the most flattering fit. The broad skinny range features the Arc 3D Super Skinny that is sculpted around the legs, the Midge with its ‘magical’ back-pockets and Radar with a modern and feminine high waist. The specialized designers at G-Star RAW calculate the perfect back pocket shape for each denim, but also the width between the pockets, the shape and even the colour of the stitches determine the essential skinny look.
Another key element for a perfect skinny pair of denim is the fabric; therefore G-Star RAW developed the comfort denim range. This collection features denim fabrics with the exact calculation of stretch percentage (calculated to the tenth of a percentage) to create a denim that memorises its fit and returns to its original shape. Making sure you skinny actually keeps its skinny shape.

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