MARIMEKKO Winter 2017 Home Collections

MARIMEKKO Winter 2017 Home Collections
Three iconic prints to warm up your winter home, and the color scheme of red and black fits perfectly in modern homes to welcome the festive season.

Spaljé(Trellis) & Hortensie(Hydrangea) 
These patterns feature hydrangea that ramble over the trellis. The designer got the inspiration from the hydrangea that grows on the wall of her summerhouse.

Räsymatto (Rag rug)
The name of this print depicts a rag rug that is waiting for the gardeners to come home. The dotted pattern represents the small plants on the backyard. Inspired by allotment gardening, it is designed to embrace the joy of working with your own hands and green living.

Our timeless classic Unikko dressed up into mysterious purple and red colours, as well as stylish black and white colours, to decorate your home with fashionable winter hues.

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