<THE KEY> marks the 17th full-length Cantonese studio album of Eason Chan which was released recently. The first thing caught of eyes was the album's conceptual design and art direction by Prodip Leung letting others to figure the message that Chan wants to deliver to his audiences. We can't help but wonder, was it a new British Indie band? In fact, the inspiration came an unfinished painting that Chan's encountered, the painting has a symbolic of a key where it was then featured on the album cover that also portraying "The Key of Life" is every track he made in this album. Hence, <The Key> was named. The album recorded 8 tracks plus one bonus track on a separate CD with a duet with Jacky Cheung entitled <Sail On>, a Hong Kong promotional song for its government's social awareness program which was broadcast every night nationwide on local television. <THE KEY> is another safe delivery by Chan, we always admire his music attempt by bringing his music genre to a different level whenever his new album is released and makes no exceptional on this album. <The Main Theme> was one of the many other key plugs and hit the chart before the album of was even released, it was a great song especially for live performance to highlight Chan's voice range in many  ways of challenge. Even Chan told the press earlier, this was one of his biggest challenge in his singing career. You may try to sing along or do it in private Karaoke to try out yourself (Please don't invite us while yo do). <The Wanderer> is the classic ballad, an easy listening sing-along song to please everyone. We love the wittiness of the lyrics written by Lin Xi in <Stockholm Lover>, <The Wanderer> & <The Butterfly Effect>. New comer Lyricist Siu Hak had also done a pretty good job in <The Main Theme>, <Farewell Saha> & <head End, Foot End, Bed Ends>. Fans may get a little disappointment for having zero contribution from his pal Wynman Wong. Perhaps, it is time for Chan to move on.

Rating : 4/5

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