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From Danish Silver, a preeminent dealer and retailer in silver to his present position as the Managing Director of Silver of Georg Jensen, American-borne Copenhagen-based Gregory Pepin switched his attention to a more precise Hollow-Silverware with the brand since May 2013. Pepin brought with him "The Magnificent Silver 2013" with a selection of over 100 rare-pieces of the 20th century sterling silver that defines the essence of timeless luxury to Hong Kong recently. mylifestylenews finds out more from Georg Jensen's new move according to Pepin......

Founded in Denmark in 1904, the story of Georg Jensen is the story of an artist who created an internationally renowned silversmith. He opened his workshop at No: 36 Bredgade in Copenhagen on 19 April 1904 and has influenced Danish arts and crafts for more than a century.

Georg Jensen has been one of the very few silversmiths serving the royal family that operates over 100 stores in 12 countries. 

Originally a silversmith specialized in silver hollowware and jewellery, founder Georg Jensen blended his brilliant design, superior craftsmanship and outstanding quality in a wide range of gold, silver, platinum and diamond jewellery, watches, cutlery and hollowware. 

Georg Jensen's silverwork with its characteristic and original idiom originated from the Art Nouveau style of the time had created a trend since the because of the items were unique and innovative and had a high utility value.

With the great sales success, George Jensen invested in a large quantities of silver and the opportunity to tackle hollowwware and began to mould shapes and work three-dimensionally with a process quote unlike his jewellery design.

The first successful hollowware design was a teapot in 1905. It was a small, artistically consummate pot in which "George Jensen style" was expressed.

Georg Jensen's success and the demand for his silver style, both in Denmark and abroad, allowed him to make large and costly pieces of hollowware. 

Today, the brand even presents artistic silver pieces for homes and offices. Its simple and elegant Scandinavian style is considered as one of the most recognized Danish brands in the world.

This year, we had held special exhibition of the Geore Jensen sterling silver Ambassador
Collection at our flagship special events and art and antique shows around the world, including Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong,m San Francisco, New York and Chicago attracting collectors, connoisseurs and enthusiasts of Gorge Jensen silver.

 <The Magnificent Silver2013> exhibition uncovers its masterly craftsmanship that has impressed the world for more than a century, featuring a curated selection of over 100 rare-pieces of the 20th century magnificent works by Georg Jensen, totaling over HK$20 million.

The most captivating piece of this year is the Chandelier (No. 307), which had been seen with the original interior design of the Georg Jensen store at Bredgade 21 in Copenhagen, 1918, is considered as one of the brand’s rarest pieces ever found in the market. 

Designed by Johan Rohde, the Chandelier (No. 307) has already made its debut presence in Hong Kong for the Fine Art Asia fair recently. Its delicate aesthetics with exquisite craftsmanship immaculately reserved its light to remain shining than just lingered.

Another highlight is a brand new Jardinière Garden Fruit Bowl (No. 1400), an interpretation based on an original drawing by Georg Jensen in 1926. The design has never been put into production until recently. 

The Jardinière 1400 characteristic hand-hammered surface well elaborates Art Nouveau-style floral details, marking a lasting expression of supreme craftsmanship and artistic vision.With exquisite craftsmanship and sophisticated artistry, this 20th century classic hollowware is made into a real object.

The Exhibition reflects Georg Jensen’s very essence of excellence in sterling silver and craftsmanship. 

Featuring various collections which witness Georg Jensen's exploration of Art Nouveau and Functionalism, limited-edition miniature Magnolia Collection, The Grape Collection debuted in 1918, Sigvard Bernadotte's sophisticated Bernadotte Collection, Henning Koppel's Collection, the Verner Panton Collection and The Pyramid Collection by Harald Nielsen representing the splendid history of the Art Deco. 

Consumers habits and lifestyles changes in the course of a couple of decades in the way they buy and collect hollowware or cutlery on the same scale as before.

Our plans for 2014 is to open more stores in Asia and North America.

The way I see in George Jensen's as a brand that is conservative, full of culture and heritage, its authenticity and a product t hat last forever.

Our closest competitor in silverware business is Tiffany.

We will infuse more of the brand's heritage and build our brand image in a different way of appreciation in Asia Market.

My first Gorge Jensen product was a silver spoon. I think many people started up collecting George Jensen from small item.

The Chandelier (No. 307)

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