《Total Recall》

What could you possibly do when your memory have been erased or shall we say turn your dreams into real memories?! Are you the real you or you can't be you for all the reasons that was invented and formed. <Total Recall> 2012 may provide you the answer especially for its futuristic time travel. Mind the flat screenplay and the plots execution as a sci-fi thriller being a sci-fi thriller but the innovative production set and neat visual ideas was rather phenomenal. Unfortunately, the action sequences are louder than words and lacking of the mind games. Living in the "future" with generally half of the Asian and Russian invasion being everywhere in your neighbourhood shows the future that these strong and powerful countries shall not be underestimated. A series of monotonous run and relentless chase leads only to repetitious and expected endings. Just like big-screen video game. The future travel tunnel "The Falls" may well be one of the film's highlights giving a possibility of how the future would take us to.

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