Zegna Sport AW2012 @ Precision-Designed Urban Sportswear

ZEGNA Sport AW2012 using advanced technical materials, multifunctional designs and decisive lines are central elements that features a bold combination of aesthetics and functionality that redefines urban sportswear. The newest looks in Zegna’s design-driven apparel include high-impact monochromatic outerwear, camouflage-inspired coordinates and Hydro-Nappa jackets, together with performance knitwear, tapered trousers, light weight robust urban footwear and a complete line of seasonal accessories.
This season, Zegna Sport showcases a full range of performance-enhanced fabrics engineered to provide optimal protection from the elements while keeping the wearer comfortable - leather bonded with wool, superfine aluminum-backed nylon, “welded down jacket” and Zegna’s innovative Microtene fabrics are breathable and reinforced for even the most demanding urban conditions. Multi-functional parkas with detachable feather weight body warmers, ergonomically designed leather jackets, and monochrome shearling with elasticate Nappa inserts guarantee transformable performance and cosmopolitan elegance.
Essential monochrome coordinates are enhanced by innovative materials and cutting edge finishes including high-tech laser detailing, edge-cut shearling, water-resistant leathers and vivid new vibrant red accents. A striking juxtaposition between rural and metropolitan style, Zegna Sport’s Urban Camouflage collection advocates maximum form and functionality within a rich array of military-inspired urban sportswear. Whether dressing for a busy day around the cities or in the country-side, Zegna Sport offers a complete line of leather accessories able to face the most daunting tasks.

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