《ESCADA @ FW2012 Ad Campaign》

ESCADA FW2012 ad campaign featuring Photographers Claudia Knopfel and Stefan Indlekofer showcasing the international top model Iselin Steiro who continutes to be the face of the ESCADA campaign. Iselin was captured in motion, projecting at once elegance and ease. The charm of the location alone - an Italian villa which is irresistible, embodying as it does both modernity and glamour.
A white marble staircase with a curved banister and a balcony with a sweeping view serve as backdrops for the shots, whose focus is always on the ESCADA woman. Styled by Veronique Didry, the collection features black and white pairings and bright red, along with luxurious fabrics and extravagant prints. The Key looks of the campaign are a black and white knit dress with matching cape, a red jumpsuit with its tone-in-tone wool coat and a white tuxedo.

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