《LANCÔME @ La Vie Est Belle》

LANCÔME new fragrance <La vie est belle> is a fragrance that infused with meaning, with both a conscience and a soul. There is no pretention in this declaration, it is simply a pure and self-evident truth. It exudes the simplicity of truth and sincerity, just like quintessentially French beauty; that famous, radiant “je ne sais quoi” that goes beyond beauty. More than an observation, <La vie est belle> emanates both richness and quintessence, it is an approach, a way of moving forward and choosing what is best for oneself. A way of facing every opportunity and every day from one’s own unique perspective. We are all in search of our own happiness and build it our own way. That is how life becomes more beautiful.
  <La vie est belle> represents a quest. An affirmation made by confident women who have gained certainty by accepting doubt, women who know what they want and are willing to afford themselves the means of finding it. Willing to question themselves. Women for whom doubt is not weakness, but hope and adventure. Women who know which side they are on; not the side of far-fetched ideas and promises, but the one of experience, built as the days pass, over years. The women who opt for “less”, on the condition that it goes hand in hand with “better”, infusing their existence with a soothing “slow” quality. Less but better.
For the first time, three French masters of perfumery have combined their talents to compose an exceptional fragrance: Olivier Polge, Dominique Ropion and Anne Flipo. Their olfactory manifesto: to create the first ever feminine tasty iris. Daring to break through traditional codes to invent a new kind of olfactory language that is almost indefinable, somewhere between shadow and light. A surprising fragrance bestowed with gifts from each perfumer: Olivier Polge’s distinguished creativity ensures deep, structured elegance; the technical virtuosity of Dominique Ropion brings a spark of vibrancy through the grace of flowers; and Anne Flipo’s resplendent femininity adds a radiant touch of joie de vivre.
  <La vie est belle> contains almost 50% natural ingredients**. A proportion that is scarcely attempted in perfumery nowadays, making this without a doubt our most exceptional fragrance. A bright-obscure fragrance composed of rich contrasts and quintessential ingredients to diffuse the most beautiful light imaginable. A fragrance to open the doors to a new era, defined by essential richness.

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