《COACH Fall 2012 @ The Legacy Collection》

COACH Fall 2012 Legacy Collectionis a modern collection for men and women inspired by timeless styles in the Coach archives a vibrant study in color, created by hand with our heritage of craftsmanship and design, classic and yet completely new. Over the years, as Coach has evolved from a team of six leather craftsman in a Manhattan loft, to an iconic global luxury brand, they've never wavered from our commitment to quality craftsmanship, innovation and modern design.
Coach is still in New York and still accept less than one-third of the leather being offered and we still require more than 100 steps to create a single bag. Every item that bears our name today is crafted as it was from the start; by hand, one at a time. Bonnie Cashin, the mother of American sportswear, and Coach’s creative director in the 1960s, revolutionized the handbag industry with her imagination and groundbreaking designs. She was the first to use industrial hardware on handbags when she designed the turnlock. Inspired by the toggle securing the roof of her convertible, the turnlock is a staple in Coach design, and a key element to the new Legacy Collection.
Coach embraces the creative energy that buzzes through the streets of New York and take pride in our heritage, yet continually evolve to a vibrant modern sense of fashion that’s rooted in classic style, and accented with a touch of downtown attitude.
The men's collection is a timeless design with flawless craftsmanship and unparalleled innovation. Since 1941, with more than 70 years later, it melds the iconic design elements, artisanal leathers and signature touches with a fresh, functional sensibility, creating a modern approach to men's design that is at once refined and redefined. The colors are strong and the stripes inspired by the Coach archives and the super-premium leathers inspired by their heritage. The storied glove-tanned leather inspired decades ago by a well-worn baseball glove which is still a central to many of their men's designs. Every style is designed in New York City and every piece of hardware is custom made the same way it was 70 years ago by hand, one at a time.
The women's collection is a vibrant study in color created by hand with the heritage craftsmanship and design, classic yet completely new showcasing the iconic silhouettes updated with a French, modern spin, as well as new designs that take their cues from classic Coach style. From outerwear and footwear to handbags, tech cases, small leather goods and jewelry, all embody the singular style that has made the Coach brand instantly recognizable and coveted around the world.
The collection includes special reissues of Bonnie Cashin's designs and fabrics, the latter meticulously woven from archival swatches by Clarenson, the revered French mill. It also includes the Legacy Archive Collection, featuring Cashin's iconic 1968 Bucket Bag and kisslock, as well as the Legacy American icons Collection - true American "working bags" like the Large Tote, inspired by editors' bag.

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