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LINDER WERDELIN, a luxury watch brand that design for extreme sport and acknowledged for creating meticulously crafted timepiece with attachable digital instruments for diving and free skiing. Indeed, it is something that is built to last, the founder and Managing Director Jorn Werdelin, a man who enjoy his deep sea diving as pleasure as well as loving his winter skiing sports brought with him the latest design <the Oktopus II - Double Date> boasting enhanced design features from its concept introduction at BaselWorld 2012 in March recently to Hong Kong. Wedelin tells mylifestylenews the brand's DNA and its creation during his short visit in Hong Kong......
LINDE WERDELIN creates highly crafted mechanical timepieces with attachable digital sports instruments for diving and skiing. It was founded by Morten Linde and myself in 2002 and launched in 2006.
The brand LINDE WERDELIN brings in the Swiss craftsmanship and Danish design ingenuity together with avant-garde instrument technology. It has redefined what a sports timepiece can be.
In combining mechanical and digital technologies while retaining the integrity of each watch represents the ultimate sports timepiece for use with intelligent precision instruments to amplify the sporting experience whether high in the mountains or deep in the sea.
All LINDE WERDELIN timepieces are made in Geneva, Switzerland together with the best possible watch and case makers the industry offers. The instruments are in-house developed and hand-made on the premises, in Copenhagen, Denmark.
LINDE WERDELIN produces all its timepieces in small limited series with the latest three launched Oktopus II - Double Date series each consisting of 88 pieces.
Since the final realisation of the Oktopus II - Double Date with subtle yet important modifications to further enrich the owner experience in sight and touch. The series originally launched as Oktopus II - Double Date in titanium with a black dial now features blue luminent indices, blue tension disks, blue Linde Werdelin logo and blue double date wheels to enhance readability and create extra depth in the dial. The series is now named Oktopus II - Double Date Titanium Blue.
The Oktopus II - Double Date has been developed with the Reef, LINDE WERDELIN’s proprietary diving instrument, in mind and its construction has been inspired by the air-tight pressure chamber used for deep-sea simulations when testing both the Oktopus and the Reef. It's innovative fivepart case construction ensures absolute water resistance and excellent anti-corrosive protection given by the finest materials employed, such as gold, titanium and ceramic.
The case features a central movement chamber and four case parts assembled together with 16 screws. Eight screws seal the fixed bezel with the chamber and eight inside the back-case. The four case parts at three, six, nine and twelve o’clock, are built separately from the movement chamber and are used to attach the strap as well as to hold the attachable instrument.
The Attachable digital instrument is a complicated procedure, the casing, the dial and the movement are unique and involved a lot of complex and intricate process in order to create a watch design to become a lifestyle with real functionality for diving and skiing purposes as well as to act as a calender and measurement tool.

The robust crown at 3 o’clock bears an engraving of an octopus icon. The back case has been decorated with an octopus drawing by Morten Linde. The Oktopus II intentionally dispenses with a turning bezel as the information (time spent submersed), traditionally measured by a turning bezel, is available in the Reef.
The dial of the Oktopus II is built in two layers. The lower layer is made with a circular Cote de Genève dial to give the effect of water ripples. Two laser-cut wheels at 11 and 1 o’clock are powered by the big calendar complication. Bearing the LINDE WERDELIN logo and indexes 3, 6 and 9 in superluminova, together with the big calendar wheels, the upper dial reveals the icon of an octopus.
The Oktopus II Double Date is a Linde Werdelin customised Dubois Depraz caliber 14580 movement.
The limit of the inside of the instrument is the elements of the brand's DNA and the sophistication of the design and material used is one of a kind and happiness is the message we would like to deliver to the wearers.
The production timeline for a watch is approximately 2 years and we have a specified target market group. Thus the pricing determination are justifiable with the production. The starting guideline for a Linde Werdelin watch is around 5000 pound (HKD$61,000).
The reason we chose red and yellow in term of design is easily to be seen when come to under water diving purposes.
My favorite possession is my grand parents 19th century's vintage painting and furniture.
My ideal living lifestyle is to be able to spend my summer holiday in Asia for diving in May & June and the ski mountains in December & January.
 mylifestylenews @ Jorn Werdelin

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