《CARTIER @ Baiser Volé Eau de Parfum》

CARTIER's latest Fragrance Baiser Volé shimmering eau de parfum encapsulates the lily, a royal flower rarely used in perfumery. Fresh, floral and sensual, the scent is presented in a timeless oval perfume bottle that reminds of a precious beauty compact.
With a Baiser Volé or stolen kiss, everything falls away… Booth are swept away by the impulse, drawn to this floral fragrance whose finesse, exquisite smoothness and overwhelming sincerity bestow the skin with its very own signature. An exercise in style and a true olfactory sculpture that manages to showcase an elusive flower in the language of fragrances. A lily whose art and balance reside in the impression it leaves in the face of an essence that refuses to be pinned down. Just a lily, just a kiss......

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