《DIVA 華麗之後》

It has been a while since we saw Joey Yeung performance on the giant screen and this time she partly portraying the Diva role of the real self behind the glamorous life in front of the lime lights. Improvisation is essential when comes to acting especially when you have a good contender to act simultaneously with. For that, Chapman To (also the producer of the film) brought out the impromptu chemistry effect by his over acting skills of performance and induce others to execute their role with less flaw. The film had also established and unveiled the relationship between the singer/artist with their manager who is in control of everything including their private life for not having both career being jeopardized. Truly, it has been quite a while to see a a local film which took 2 years to produced due to many other technicality but yet a quality production with a heart. We don't mind the wait if the film has a certain degree of quality in control.

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