《The Bourne Legacy》

Jeremy Renner fresh appearance as Jason Bourne is rather convincing at least he did trained up for the Bourne's role, physically of course.This time his memory wasn't being erased but to find out more what lies behind all the special agents being trained, including himself. Be prepared for the unexpected as there was never just one Jason Bourne this time, the suspension created a higher level of security, it was rather entertaining. Edward Norton's performance has always been outstanding especially he play an unfavorable role, this time he is a good "hunter"and will do anything to hunt Bourne down. We enjoyed the continuous action thriller pack whilst the story develops. Rachel Weisz's role may not be at her best performance but she does has a good chemistry with Renner. <The Bourne Legacy>, the fourth of the Bourne's series, once again takes you travel around great exotic cities and this time including some real good snowy mountains area and the Philippines. At least you have been there, virtually.

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