LOEWE New Fragrance @ Aire LOEWE Sensual

    Loewe turns 40 this year and with 40 years of special and unique olfactory creations deeply rooted in the Spanish culture with 40 years of legendary brand names. Among them, Aire Loewe. A hallmark perfume… one that is, still today, one of Spain’s most emblematic fragrances. In 2012, Loewe modernizes the image of Aire and sets out to conquer women with Aire Loewe Sensua. In 1985, in the midst of the Spanish creative revolution, Loewe launched Aire Loewe, one of the pioneering fresh luxury perfumes. Aire Loewe Sensual, a new, hedonistic delicate, light and sensual freshness.
A more modern Aire image. A drop of perfume, a dance step, dancing with air… A heroine in midair. Like a chrysalis metamorphosing. This new heroine dancing with Aire is Carmen Corella, Star Dancer and Assistant Director of the Corella Ballet. Eugenio Recuenco, one of the most influential photographers of our times, was able to capture this magical moment of the dance, poetically expressing this pervasive femininity yearning for liberty.
An elegant, floral, fruity Eau of Toilette with the sensuousness of musk. For the modern woman, beautiful and very feminine, free, self assured and conscious of her natural charm. The fresh top notes of Calabria Lemon and Tangerine, with a hint of spicy Green Apple, convey unprecedented softness. The display of joie de vivre and natural freshness combine in a floral, fruity heart of Jasmine Sambac, Lily of the Valley and Freesia. Bottom notes deliver an even warmer and more sensual scent thanks to the combination of Musk and Golden Amber, leaving. Aire Sensual leaves a classical yet modern trace. Toying around with transparencies, the timeless and sophisticated flacon is the perfect frame for the fragrance’s sweet rose scent.
 Simple, light and very feminine. Classical and elegant. Aire flacon inspired by the cut of a precious stone. The Aire Loewe bottle radiates femininity, lightness and freshness thanks to its oval and refined shape, as well as the Juxtaposition of opacity and transparency. The new box set is elegant and refined, in tune with the bottle.

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