《Alessandra Ambrósio LOVES MELISSA》

Melissa starts a new collaboration platform with celebrities who love the brand with top model Alessandra Ambrósio as first guest. The new line, named “LOVES MELISSA”, starts with a customized by the beautiful brunette. Melissa Incense Glitter, a delicate pump inspired on the 50’s ladylike style; The model has an exclusive color pallet as well.
To celebrate the partnership, Alessandra will be on the cover of the 7th issue of Plastic Dreams and the star of the magazine’s main fashion editorial spread made at St. Mary Magdalene Church, in London. The perfect scenario for the theme of MELISSA PLASTIC PARADISE collection, winter 2012, which reveals the soul behind the plastic dreams.
The pictures taken by Sandrine Dulermo and Michael Labica were the first after Alessandra confirmed she is pregnant of her second baby. The joy of maternity gave the model an extra shine on the photos, inspired on the paintings by the Mexican artists Diogo Rivera and Frida Khalo. In addition to a modern review of the work by the duo Gilbert & George, known by their graphic and luminous work, that resembles the colorful religious stained glass windows. 
“I thought about something that represented my style. I only dress what I love and what I’m into wearing every day”, said Alessandra Ambrósio. “I decided to take part in the project because I was looking for something beyond the modeling career. I think the creative process fascinating, and I have to tell you that I was willing to get involved and create something with my name, my brand”, said the top model, excited about this new project.

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