GUINNESS First Ever Pairing Menu @ Hong Kong at Lily & Bloom

GUINNESS® Hong Kong launched  its first GUINNESS® SESSIONS: Taste of GUINNESS® Menu, a delectable six course menu created by LILY & BLOOM, pairing GUINNESS® with a variety of light summer dishes. Traditionally, GUINNESS® has been enjoyed with many staples of Irish pub food such as GUINNESS® and beef pie, and fish and chips. Executive Chef Rene Michelena of LILY & BLOOM, has turned these traditional pairings around to create new and modern gourmet pairings to accompany the rich and flavourful beer. Indeed, it is no longer to expect the usuals. “The Taste of GUINNESS® Menu has been specially created by LILY & BLOOM to highlight the versatility of GUINNESS® We took the conventional model of wine and food pairings to create a new mode of pairing food with GUINNESS®. The complex flavour profile of the beer, which comes from the brewing process, is enhanced by the flavours in the dishes of the Taste of GUINNESS® Menu. This allows the palate to taste the variety of subtle flavours in GUINNESS®.” said GUINNESS® Brand Ambassador, Adam Brewer aka 劉德華 in his Chinese's name printed on his business card.
There are 2 starters: Oysters Kilpatrick – the oysters topped with smokey bacon and tomatoes. GUINNESS® is a classic and great accompaniment to oysters. The dry roasted, slightly bittersweet taste of GUINNESS® draws out the natural flavours of quality seafood. Followed by Beetroot Carpaccio - A dotted with fontina cheese, and dressed with honey mustard dressing. A sip of GUINNESS® will refresh the palate before moving onto this light root vegetable dish from the oysters. The complex and rich flavours of GUINNESS® help lift and bring out the flavours in starter dishes featuring quality but simple ingredients.
The Mains are the Roasted Pigeon rubbed with rosemary, thyme and brushed with honey before it is roasted to a perfect medium rare and accompanied with sweet potato and arugula salad. The intense flavours of GUINNESS® means it pairs well with strong and salty flavours in meats such as ham, beef, lamb, and game meats. Followed by the Dry Aged Irish Rib-Eye served with glazed sweetbreads, artichoke purée and tempura baby gem lettuce. The artichoke purée adds a tart touch to the flavour of the steak, a nice contrast to the savoury yet sweet taste of the glazed sweetbreads, with a hint of salt and crisp texture of the tempura lettuce. The beer offers a full rounded palate with fruity and roast characters, resulting in a unique and perfect balance of bittersweet reward that compliments the flavour and texture of the rib-eye.
Desserts includes the homeade Peppermint Sorbet topped with peppermint cream and shaved dark chocolate. GUINNESS® pairs well with desserts incorporating chocolate, coffee, caramel flavours and GUINNESS® Tiramisu to incorporate the rich flavours of GUINNESS®, saviordi cookies are soaked in GUINNESS® and coffee, and combined with mascarpone and valrhona cocoa, before being drizzled with a GUINNESS® reduction. GUINNESS® Draught may surprise many with its hint of caramel sweetness. The wonderful flavours also make GUINNESS® Draught the ideal ingredient for rich, dark desserts.
“Creating the Taste of GUINNESS® Menu was an exciting challenge for us,” said LILY & BLOOM Executive Chef Rene Michelena. “We wanted to create a light summer menu to accompany all the rich flavours that can be found in GUINNESS®. Each subsequent course in the menu progressively brings out the versatility of the beer.” The six course menu is priced at HK$760, plus 10% service charge, and includes two pints of GUINNESS®. Promotions end of September. Deatils contact LILY & BLOOM at +852 2810 6166 or email info@lily-bloom.com

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