Folli Follie Fall 2012 @ Ad Campaign

Folli Follie Fall 2012 ad campiagn is unique, high-shine, head-turning glamour. It traveled to the timeless vibrance of Paris and a luxurious dreamed-up hotel for the backdrop to present our rich and exciting new collections. In the third installment of our successful destination-oriented campaign, Chinese supermodel Gaile Lai once again plays the parts of three girls, each with a different style personality--from classy to “it girl” to glam. While in seasons past, these identities were frequently juxtaposed in a single shot, our new series begins to also evolve the personas separately. The end result is an increasingly layered and dynamic message: The thrilling depth and breadth of self-expression that comprises the Folli Follie modern girl, no matter where on the globe she may find herself.
Gaile Lai’s sojourn at this fictional Parisian hideaway is part of an ongoing visual rendering of Folli Follie’s truly global lifestyle. Two seasons ago, we saw the model enjoying a glam-packed day of cosmopolitan pursuits, and this spring she set sail for the island of Spetses, a nod to Folli Follie’s proud roots in Greece, ever a key stop on the jet-setter circuit. Now, in the fashion capital of the world, a more intimate tone is set. Within the interior spaces of an imagined luxury boutique hotel, Gaile’s looks are styled to fit ever-changing moods rather than a single setting. This is the true source of Folli Follie style--a girl’s own unique and vibrant identity shining through everywhere she goes.

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