《Salvatore Ferragamo @ Red Carpet Project》

Every shoe is unique, like the woman who wears it. Every bag is different, like the woman who chooses to carry it.
A special evening, a day to remember: the made-to-order project becomes a world of shoes and bags available in an exclusive selection of 30 new colours.The boutique is the place for people who dream of a bag or pair of shoes made exactly to their taste. It has an exclusive secretaire providing a kaleidoscope of nuances in squares of satin - resembling exquisite chocolates -which present the whole palette of these desirable colours. An infinity of colour combinations to touch, choose and personalize.
There are nine models of shoes, sandals, pumps and open-toes and four different models of bags to choose from. Outstanding pieces of creativity and beauty, craftsmanship and detailing (such as the gilt piping which highlights the silhouette of the shoe), these accessories are perfect examples of Salvatore Ferragamo’s excellence. Total personalization: each of these little masterpieces can be customized with the owner’s initials, on a gilt plate, under the sole of the shoe or inside the bag.
Buying becomes imagination, conquest, it takes only six weeks to make this dream come true: a red satin carpet - every woman’s dream. All these......are the Salvatore Ferragamo's Red Carpet Project.

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