《3.1 Phillip Lim @ Fall 2012 Collection》

3.1 Phillip Lim Fall 2012 collection found inspiration in Frank Miller’s <Sin City> and Alan Moore and David Lloyd’s <V for Vendetta>. The collection explores the Neo-Noir comics esthetics built around the idea of colored black and white. The stereotype garment shapes have been inserted on top of garments, the front panel of a t-shirt is attached to the front of a coat suggesting them being layered. This creates a whimsical graphic effect borrowed from comics.
The front parts of garments are highlighted recreating a streamlined and smaller body figure inside the garment This creates a ‘slimming effect’ bringing graphic play on a different level. The cropped shapes on top of long ones create a layered tromp-l’oeil effect.The waist is accentuated by bringing the trousers waistline on its natural place. In some styles the elastic belts accentuates the waist and adds to its importance.Some of the garments have a raised waistline adding to the corseted and streamlined silhouette. In consequence the trousers lengths are cropped for a lighter contemporary silhouette.
Partly quilted garments with cord inserts for a more structured effect and the sherpa bonded wool coating used in solid or combo garments. the all in one separable and interchangeable garments being worn together or separated.The houndstooth was the main graphic motif worked as a print, devore, interrupted houndstooth jacquar and also developed as an all over conversational print in second delivery.
Antique white, is taking an important place in the collection bringing light and used as accent. Next to it, nude, ozone, aqua, ivory, blush, jade are combined with dark but tinted colors like aubergine, fig, bordeaux, midnight blue creating contrast and depth. Venom and turquoise are used as bright color accents.

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