《UTERQÜE Opens First Asia Store @ ifc mall》

UTERQÜE opened its first asia Store in ifc mall, Central Hong Kong and brought its unique style to Asia. The renowned Spanish fashion brand's classic décor takes inspiration from historical British libraries. Sprawling across 1000 square feet, the stylish space is brought to life with elegant furnishings and accents such as a staircase, mirrors, bookshelves, curtains, table lamps, and carpets. These design elements harmoniously connect the space, lending it a sense of warmth and coziness.  The shop’s black and gray palette is accented with strokes of pastel, bringing splashes of contemporary chicness and romantic flair to the distinctively European atmosphere. 
The fine taste and attention to detail in the Uterque stores are complemented by decoration that is designed to intensify the felling of a welcoming, well-arranged and exclusive setting.  Uterque products are protectively surrounded by the stairways, mirrors, shelves, the blinds at the doors and shop windows, exquisite table lamps, stools, benches and rugs.  Lighting is designed to better define each area through the use of contrasting patches of light and shade.  Black and grey dominate the extremely neutral environment while pink finds its way into the boxes and bags to add some feminine touches to the overall environment by showcasing the comprehensive urban-chic collection in a sophisticated and elegant space.

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