《Vulgaria 低俗喜劇》

Vulgar words seems to break the ice in between people easily no matter in what languages. The film <Vulgaria> may adapt the Cantonese vulgar dialects in order to create more essence from it and attracts more "Vulagrians" out there to buy the idea. It is without any hesitation that everyone, excuse me, almost everyone had been there done that, you have at least said those words once for being a consenting adults. For that, this film was shot in just 12 short days to create such nuisance or noise pollution in the entire film in deliberate. No doubt, vulgar words are heard everywhere in Hong Kong (also in the film) and it became a culture even from the past decades, it is a part everyone's life. The joy of listening to it may cause irritation when it was not said naturally but did it for a purpose. No offence to director Ho-Cheung Pang and his fans, we still love his creativity work and originality of the screenplays. But sometimes, less is more and knowing when to stop would perhaps serve a better purpose. Unfortunately, these is what the general public in Hong Kong wants, that really challenges their intelligence in the real world that they are living in, how ironic?! Besides, some said, you have to be a Hong Konger to understand the essence of the vulgar words being used in the movie instead of relaying on the not so well translated English subtitles; they could be right but still most vulgar words being used were widely accepted, direct and easy understood for the message to be delivered. Critics said you laugh out loud and the film tag line 《笑。能死人》"Laugh could bring you Fxxking death" in a "vulgar" Cantonese way was rather catchy. All and all, with no expectation, there will be no disappointment, Honestly for the entire 92 minutes, we didn't even have a good laugh at all especially with those so called well planned plots, again was it delibrate?!

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