《MONKI Opening @ China This Fall》

MONKI will be opening its first store in Chia this autumn bring its quirky Scandinavian fashion concept to wow the mainlanders. “Monki is going from strength to strength, and the demand for our design keeps growing”, says Chief Operating Officer Henrik Aaen Kastberg. “We have been dreaming about mainland China for a while, and we are thrilled that the right opportunity has come up. It’s going to be a great adventure!” Monki’s internationally recognised store designs are the center of a whole Monki world, where anything can happen and imagination rules. The Monki world is full of music, stories, inspiration, creativity and adventure, and is peopled by a playful gang of twelve “monkis” – cute and colourful characters with names such as Moluna, Ikmo, and Kyo. It is just like a magical underwater world full of sunken carousels, shipwrecks and sea monsters. Monki seeks to boost young women’s self-esteem, encourage creativity, and make individual style available to everyone with Scandi-chic-meets-edgy-street-style designs priced between ¥20 and ¥1200. “We want to encourage our customers to express their personalities through clothes”, says head designer Tallulah Topac. “We’re for everyone who wants to be creative and fashionable, whatever your age.” With 56 shops in seven European countries, and one in Hong Kong, Monki has grown explosively since it was founded in 2006.

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