《ERNEST BOREL @ A Romantic Series》

ERNEST BOREL launched its “Romance III Series” Collection and began the watchmaker’s new sojourn under the banner of “Romance in Heart”.  The watchmaker’s narrative began in 1856 by Jules Borel. In the course of its, history it has won numerous awards, the first being the winner of the Neuchatel Observatory Timing Accuracy Competition in 1866.
Bearing the achievements of 156 years, the “Romance Series III” collection which is the embodiment of artistic breakthrough in that the art of geometry amalgamates with modern aesthetics. It is the first time that the corners of a square watch case is curvilinear, blending masculinity with femininity. The ripple-effect dial, suggestive of pulsating heart, is ringed with sparkling diamonds. Asymmetrically distributed Roman numerals contrast and highlight the aesthetics of geometry. The slender, tapered hands never cease to mark the infinity of time and mystique of romance.
A parade of the wedding wear of the 3rd Wedding Arts and Design Competition was presented by Ernest Borel’s “Harmonic” Collection. Models donning the freshly created wedding gowns, their dainty wrists adorned with watches from the Romance III Series.

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