《CHAUMET @ 12 Vendôme Collection》

CHAUMET will present its high jewellery collection, 12Vendôme; twelve contemporary jewellery sets created for the Biennale under the great glass roof of the Grand Palais. On the occasioin of the XXVI th Biennale des Antiquaires in September 2012, CHAUMET captures the spirit of 12, place Vendôme. This is where the Maison’s private mansion and its historic salons, its museum, its workshop and creative studio are located. This is where the Maison’s heart and soul resides, ever since its founding in 1780.
 Numbered from 1 to 12, the jewellery sets, combining French classicism and modernity, embody the style, the creativity and the jewellery excellence of 12, Vendôme. Parisian elegance with a hint of irreverence. Starting from the Princesse set that opens the ball to the impertinent aigrette, crowned with the blaze of an incredible white opal.
Renowned the world over for its tiaras, CHAUMET will unveil new exceptional pieces, imbued with aristocratic charm. These unique bejewelled head-jewels bear witness to the rich emotional history that saw the creation of head jewellery for illustrious clients, from the empress Joséphine, the first muse of the Maison to the literature and arts society, to Europe’s royal courts and international great families. Today they are emblems of audacity and lightness. The tiara sets with baguette diamonds that have been custom-cut is transformed.
The aigrette can be worn as a delicate bandeau topped with feathers or as a brooch or necklace. Another creation unveils a pair of pendant earrings. The jewel is worn with head held high: hair clips, pins and sculpted combs become precious head ornaments.The modern silhouette is defined by a new version of the sautoir or extra-long necklace, inspired by those favoured by the garçonne in the 20s. These amazingly supple pieces no longer just enhance the neckline; they transform into sensual body jewellery with rows of pearls that caress the hips and adorn the shoulders. Once reserved for weddings and formal evenings they offer new ways of being worn and adapt to smaller figures. The pleasure is doubled, sometimes even more.
Emeralds, sapphires, rubies, the purest diamonds, delicate purple jade, sumptuous spinels and spectacular white, blue or black opals with gorgeous highlights; all create emotion with their breath-taking beauty.The “12 Vendôme: collection presents 40 creations, expressing 230 years of uninterrupted savoir-faire, and embodies the quintessence of Parisian high jewellery.

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