Tommy Hilfiger Fall 2012 @ Denim Ad Campaign

Tommy Hilfiger Fall 2012 Hilfiger Denim advertising campaign: Prep Denim captures the brand’s casual ease and quintessential cheeky edge, Hilfiger Denim takes the classics and turns them inside out.  For Fall 2012 Hilfiger Denim is going off-road and into the country – keeping true to the brand’s preppy roots, but staying a rebel at heart.  The campaign is photographed by Craig McDean, styled by Karl Templer and creatively directed by Trey Laird of Laird + Partners. “The Hilfiger Denim guy and girl are young, rebellious, edgy – and always part of The Hilfiger clan,” said Tommy Hilfiger.  “They capture the unique blend of fashion, music, youthful energy and individual style that makes the Hilfiger Denim brand so relatable around the world.”Who’s The Guy?  He’s got tradition inside a rebel’s heart.  He’s loose, edgy and inspired by street style.  He understands the codes and how to break them down.  He’s a man of many layers.  Obsessed with the details.  Prone to exaggeration.  Quick to change.  Crazy about authenticity.  A little mad about plaid.  But always true to the blue.
Who’s The Girl? She’s got sexy simplicity. Sometimes naughty, but always nice. Can be tough, but suddenly tender. She’s fringe meets flair. Edge meets ease. Boy meets girl. But at the end of the day she’s just a jeans girl at heart. “The Hilfiger Denim advertising concept complements The Hilfigers ad campaign established for the Tommy Hilfiger brand, maintaining a consistent global creative vision across The Tommy Hilfiger Group,” said Avery Baker, Chief Marketing Officer for Tommy Hilfiger. “Hilfiger Denim embraces Tommy Hilfiger’s classic, American, cool heritage with a uniquely rebellious spirit, relaxed attitude and authentic point of view.” Photographed on North Wales Farm in Warrenton, Virginia, the campaign features several of the eclectic characters from the iconic Tommy Hilfiger campaigns: Julia Hafstrom, Emily Baker, Marcel Castenmiller, Arthur Kulkov and Cora Emmanuel. Hair by Eugene Souleiman; makeup by Mark Carrasquillo.

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