《BVLGARI @ 2012 Serpenti Collection》

In 2012, BVLGARI one of the most emblematic symbols of its timeless style: Serpenti. Indeed, the new collection of jewellery and watches plays with the sinuous forms of the creature that, more than any other, is distinguished by sensuality and elegance. Realised in yellow or pink gold, the new jewels are conceived as parures, complete with bracelets, rings, earrings and – for the first time in a Serpenti collection – enchanting necklaces, notable for their suppleness of form and purity of design.   
The bracelets and rings, characterised by the famous stylised spiral form, come with one or two coils. A series of elaborately crafted elements masterfully simulate the scales of the creature, which are connected by the skilful interlocking of extremely fine gold pins, completely invisible and harmonised to form elegant spirals. The core of each jewel is constituted by an internal gold spring that ensures the extraordinary flexibility of Serpenti jewels. Each individual scale vaunts a sumptuous surface of diamond pavé.
The ingenuity of the architecture of a Bvlgari jewel is all the more striking when one examines the details. In this case, the coils of the serpent reveal a meticulous system of openwork along the sides and back, for the purpose of allowing light to penetrate and maximise the sparkle of the pavé. And for the first time, perfect cuts of rubellite or peridot bring surprising life to the reptile’s head. The infinite facets of these rare stones of the highest quality provide a counterpoint to the nuances of the gold and the luminosity of the diamonds, making these new creations all the more unique and precious.
In the necklaces, perfect harmony is achieved in the alternation between diamond-studded scales, the beads of rubellite or peridot and the suntleties of a singular fascinating stone, the moon quartz. The rigour of the design blends fluently into the lightness bestowed by the delicate chromatic chords, based on softly transparent and luminous hues in harmony with the supporting structure of gold. The same compositional principles find expression in the earrings that accompany the necklaces.  
The innovations of the new Serpenti watches are no less intriguing. The new models wrap the wrist in spirals of pink gold covered in scales of glossy black or ivory white with brilliant-cut diamonds, created with the same traditional techniques used for the jewels. The watch case, in the form of a serpent’s head, is the natural extension of the bracelet and contains a Swiss quartz movement specially designed by Bulgari. Both sides present 6 brilliant-cut diamonds that frame black sapphire or white mother-of-pearl, while 12 additional diamonds mark the hours on the dial.
 After some 60 years since the creation of the first Serpenti, with its powerful symbolism of eternal renewal, the new collection confirms this famous motif’s status as a contemporary icon, with a history that has since become legend.   

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