6 Minutes @ Alexandra Biron Von Curland & Markus Franzen

ESCADA are known for its intricate embroidery and sequin workmanship, the timeless clothier brings out the best in a woman's sophistication and femininity at all time. Senior designer Alexandra Biron Curland and Markus Franzen, brand manager of ESCADA Sport told mylifestylenews the brand's DNA  and presented their latest Pre Fall 2012 collection during the recent visit in Hong Kong.
ESCADA FW2012 is a collection of alluring colors, luxurious fabrics and mysterious prints that combine to create a new seduction and intrigue that leaves no trace of femininity behind.

ESCADA woman lives in the cosmopolitan with an urban attitude, she is modern and open minded, she lives her life with style and in situation; she goes to party, she goes to the country and she is seen on the red carpet. She is confident and with no fear to express themselves, she is feminine and real with a modern perception and vision and she is sophisticated. These characters a woman has are also part of the ESCADA design's philosophy.

The key highlight colors for this season are black and white, caramel and cognac crowns in combination with strong colors like lacquer red and peacock blue. Animal carre prints, geometric patterns and magnified glencheck introduce a modern influence.

The mood is for a sophisticated yet modern styling. New shapes include the reversible cape, pencil skirts, slim trousers, waisted dresses and tailor jackets with contrasting collars feature a new feminine silhouette.

ESCADA style and design element use a lot of embroidery, knitwear, tweed, for its suiting dress, jumpsuit, jersey dress, cocktail dress on every occasion. It works for all year round. The treatment and the workmanship are light and practical to express the woman's femininity.
For instance, the elegantly fitted and softly textured merino fur is this season collection's stand-out piece. The featuring water snakeskin trimmings, satin and embossed crocodile skin effects completes the season's total look.
ESCADA always capture a lady of style, her lifestyle is her inspiration, always trendy and chic, feminine and luxury.

We always welcome with fresh ideas when comes to a collaboration and we are open with someone who is talented and shares the same ESCADA's design philosophy.
Fashion is...... a lifestyle of modern woman, she is trendy and age is never an issue to her as she lives in the present with confident.

ESCADA = Color + Prints + texture and joy.

We source for fabrics from around the world and the supplies always inspire us and we do create some of our very own exclusive prints.

All ESCADA gowns are hand made and we use lots of sequins and uses the Indian embroidery as they are one of the best for their embroidery skills.
The ESCADA Sport FW2012 collection is inspired by the quiet charm of the British countryside where luxury lodges offer seclusion and sophisticated style.

A crazy mix of flowery patterns is crucial for any British country house, the garment shows the heritage of a contemporary edge, rustic woolens, flowers, tartans and hearty shearlings adds to the inspiration.

The key styles are the English riding jacket, the lace tunic dress, tailored velvet suit and the check cape.

The "Tea Time" theme has a small 1920s influence and can be seen in soft dresses with flower decoration and precious fragility. The ornamental color palette explores the delicacy of feminine shades, set against the seductive darks.

"Wallpaper sparkle" resulting in long silhouettes and lean lines, draping and embellishment are a favorite. Gleaming metallics and sumptuous chenilles fall heavily into fluid shapes.

The "poetic classics" theme emulates aspects of traditional classics by tweaking the proportions, the looks adapt to the different situations of the day. Neatness and attention to detail is vital in styles that imitate tailoring, with shaped lapels and fashion pockets.
mylifestylenews @ Alexandra Biron Von Curland & Markus Franzen

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