ETRO AW2019 Advertising Campaign

ETRO casted 9 talents for its latest AW2019 advertising campaign for the season. When was the last time a white horse made a surprising appearance right in the middle of Manhattan? It must have been when Bianca Jagger entered Studio 54 atop one.

Fast forward to 2019, and a white horse is again in the city, together with a family of beautifully strong characters of every age, shape, race.

A family, united like a dynasty under the sign of the Paisley. This is the ETRO wandering clan, taking over one of New York’s busiest corners, their own way.

The ETROs have arrived in Manhattan traversing the world, carrying possessions in Paisley trunks which they show off with pride as a family lineage.

They stop for a moment, to have their portrait taken: en plein air, against a white wall or with NY itself as a backdrop. A gallery ensues: depictions of bold personalities captured on camera as they are.

This mosaic of individualities – Marisa Berenson, Andreea Diaconu, Grace Elizabeth, Taylor Hill, Hiandra Martinez, Amber Valletta, David Alexander Flinn, John Pearson, Kohei Takabatake describes the character of ETRO, steeped in heritage and rooted in the NOW, mixing a classic soul with a sense of presence. The journey continues.

Cass Bird

George Cortina

Marisa Berenson
Andreea Diaconu
Grace Elizabeth
Taylor Hill
Hiandra Martinez
Amber Valletta
David Alexander Flinn
John Pearson
Kohei Takabatake

Casting Director: 
Piergiorgio Del Moro

Make Up Artist:
Romy Soleimani

Hair Stylist:
Esther Langham

Manhattan, New York

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