agnès b - The Snap Cardigan Story Hong Kong Exhibition

 agnès b. Snap Cardigan has been evolving since its birth in 1979. And it’s the 40th anniversary of the classic piece this year. To celebrate this, agnès b. held a pop-up exhibition at its K11 store recently. Distinctive works and photos were displayed in the exhibition, as well as brand new clothing series of homme, femme and enfants. Customers were provided with personalized embroidery services to create trendy and unique clothes. There were models displaying different styles of Snap Cardigan to continue the unique classical French style of the past 40 years.

“From Sweat to Cardigan” collaboration of agnès b. X Hong Kong artists agnès b. collaborated with six artists under the theme "b. yourself", to follow the original idea of creating the classic Snap Cardigan by Agnès, transforming the pure white sweatshirt into a unique work, and exhibiting at the event. Each piece is infused with different innovative ideas and with its own characteristics. Here below the creative concepts:

Vincci Cheuk – Artist
【How are you, my friend?】 When I was a kid, I tried to write using my left hand for fun. Today, I hold colour pencils with my left hand again, mimicking the little me. I start writing this: How are you my friend? On the white long-sleeves sweatshirt, every word I write carries my childhood memories. Thank you agnès b. The Snap Cardigan Story campaign for awaking the pure heart. If clothes are meant to highlight personality, then the underlying meaning would be delivering the psychological messages kind of derivative communication. Simple words rouse ignored, innocent souls, expressing love and care to the family, friends and even strangers… spreading the spirit of love beyond limits.

Fish Liew – Actress 
agnès b. The Snap Cardigan Story is heading to the 40th year. This classical art piece has not been affected by the passage of time, insisting in the original design concept. Making new attempts while keeping the overall layout develops the unique and eternal classic. How to live a balanced degree in the process of fast learning new knowledge is always a life question. Not to forget and let go of the things that care, stay with the heart, be yourself, which are the core of success. The inspiration comes from our beautiful sea and Indian Ocean humpback dolphins. Urban development threatens their habitats and the environment, and the situation is remarkably worsening. Striking a balance between development and environmental protection is of significance. Through the #TheSnapCardiganStory campaign,with girl's pink color as the main color, plus a pink hat, with a little bit of white, hope to wake up everyone's heart, also to concern the Indian Ocean humpback dolphins and other marine life in the face of the survival of the prestige.

Rita Lee – Chinese calligrapher 
Life has never been easy. Facing different challenges, we painstakingly embrace our faith and gradually grow up with the experience. Behind the remarkable success of the signature agnès b. Snap Cardigan, I can see the inspiring stories. Let me fill up the sweatshirt with my unrestrained calligraphy. Hope you guys would believe in positive energy that words could bring and stay strong with your own philosophy when it comes to countless attempts.

Leungmo – Photographer 
Three years ago, I met 榮哥, a sculpture artist, who said without life, there is no creation. In this agnès b. #TheSnapCardiganStory campaign collaboration, I picked different hardware parts for my innovation. In daily life, they look trivial, yet they are facilitating our life. If you pay attention to them, every part has a unique shape and design. They have spent the whole life of taking a supporting role, it’s time to be the main star. Without eye-catching colours, it shines beautifully, uniquely.

Lily Cash – Tattoo artist 
I am excited to put my fav mandala image on my design for agnès b. The Snap Cardigan Story campaign. Though there is no objectivity or absolute answer in arts, I would still want to introduce my beautiful world to you, see if you have resonance. Experiencing the beauty in life does not limit to specific colors or forms. The colorful, innovative mandala develops from the center parallelly, unlimitedly and freely as how life can be, exceeding limits to create the unique classic beauty.

The creator of Snap Cardigan, Agnès, has insisted on the simplicity and eternal feature of Snap Cardigan over the years. She hopes to spread the idea that clothing can bring out everyone’s unique style. agnès b. invited 20 dream-chasing youngsters and people from different sectors to present their special ways of integrating Snap Cardigan into daily life. Photographs in the exhibition showed youngsters wearing the classical Snap Cardigan on street to indicate various styles and personalities, which also added a youthful touch on the exhibition. They interpreted their own fashion with characteristic way of mix and match. Invitees from different sectors reminded us with their photographs that we should all keep being innovative, just like the creation process of Snap Cardigan. Snap Cardigan inspires us to keep on exploring and trying, to retain the good sides and abundant the bad ones; And most importantly, be determined to change from the bottom of our hearts.

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